What ist H!PED?

H!PEd does not simply increase the power of your engine. We carefully optimize the complete power setup and boost performance. From the roaring high-performance engine of a Nissan GT-R to filigree prima donnas like a Huracan V10.


Our references

From the northernmost part of Europe to the Mediterranean, customers rely on the expertise of H!PeD products and solutions. We are always looking for new ideas and powerful solutions. To get an overview of our work, please contact us. 


Engine Build


Crafting Precision Engines Beyond Industry Standards: Introducing Our Innovative Industry 4.0 Approach


We redefine the boundaries of excellence in engine customization. Our avant-garde Industry 4.0 process sets new benchmarks for aftermarket engine builds worldwide, revolutionizing the very essence of precision engineering.


We pride ourselves on pushing limits, both in quantity and turnaround time, and this demands a tooling and equipment setup that transcends conventional norms. Our commitment to you begins with a meticulous laser marking of all components, followed by comprehensive measurements and weight assessments. This diligent approach ensures unwavering traceability and meets OEM entry quality control standards.


To achieve these extraordinary standards, we deploy state-of-the-art equipment for accurate measurements, leaving no margin for error. Every step of our process is subject to rigorous visual inspection, meticulously documented for posterity. Our cutting-edge 3D scanning technology ensures a meticulous two-factor validation process, affirming a zero-defect tolerance that defines our commitment to quality.


A true breakthrough in efficiency, our fully automated process, powered by our unique autoscrewer equipment, redefines precision engineering. This proprietary method grants us unprecedented quality and time advantages, especially evident in specialized production runs like our acclaimed VR38 Nissan engine program.


Dedicated to transparency, we capture every step of our process on video, ensuring that our commitment to excellence is not just a promise but a demonstrable reality.


We believe in elevating industry standards, one meticulously crafted engine at a time. Experience the future of precision engineering with us.




Elevate Engine Reliability with Our Pristine Cleaning Process


In the realm of engine building, cleanliness reigns supreme. Even seemingly new components may harbor hidden contaminants that spell disaster for your engine's longevity. We understand that thorough cleaning is the cornerstone of a dependable engine build.


While cleaning might appear straightforward, it's a nuanced process that demands precision. A minuscule particle can dismantle a brand-new, high-value engine in moments, while long-term issues can silently fester within improperly cleaned components.


We take cleanliness to the next level by utilizing specially treated water, free from lime or rust. Our cutting-edge cleaning facility boasts an impressive array of equipment, including:


  • Dry Ice Blasting:Harnessing the power of dry ice, we delicately strip away impurities without harming your components.
  • Hot Water Blasting: Our high-temperature approach ensures a deep, thorough cleanse that leaves no room for compromise.
  • High-Pressure Blaster: Stubborn debris doesn't stand a chance against our precision high-pressure cleaning process.
  • Parts Washing Machine: Efficiency meets precision with our state-of-the-art parts washing machinery.
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning: Unrivaled in its thoroughness, our ultrasonic method eradicates contaminants down to the tiniest crevice.
  • Vacuum Technology and Metal Preservation: For storage or shipping, our vacuum technology and specialized metal preservation techniques guarantee components retain their pristine condition.
  • Dry Oven: Our meticulous drying process ensures components are moisture-free, ready for the next phase.


Our commitment to excellence extends to public and B2C cleaning services. Experience the transformative power of our meticulous cleaning process firsthand with our sample trials.


Contact us today to discuss your needs, inquire about our services, or embark on a journey to a cleaner, more reliable engine.



Unleash Excellence: Elevating Performance with Superfinish


Within the intricate dance of moving parts, energy transforms, and excellence is redefined. We understand this fundamental truth, especially when it comes to the heartbeat of combustion engines—rotating components. Enter Superfinish, the transformative process that propels performance to the zenith, while ensuring utmost longevity.


The Drag Dilemma:

In combustion engines, plain bearings give rise to a notorious nemesis: drag. This friction between rotating and stationary parts stifles efficiency. Enter Superfinish, the vanguard of surface transformation, engineered to minimize drag, optimize performance, and elevate durability—ultimately maximizing the value you derive from every ounce of effort.


Our Commitment:

We've embraced Superfinish as more than a process—it's a philosophy. Each component undergoes a meticulous metamorphosis, pushing its surface composition to the pinnacle of technical possibility. The result? Not just enhanced performance, but an investment in longevity that pays dividends.


Beyond Transformation:

Our commitment to excellence doesn't end at transformation. A comprehensive post-inspection guarantees quality. Our thorough cleaning regimen, coupled with ultrasonic cleaning preservation, safeguards against dust and contamination.


Versatility Defined:

The Superfinish magic extends to all rotating engine parts, from the rhythmic heartbeat of crankshafts to the intricate choreography of cams, and the orchestrated symphony of gearbox gears.


Discover the uncharted realms of performance and durability. Elevate your engine to its zenith with Superfinish by H!PED.


Analysis Unveiled: Your Parts, Our Expertise


Precision is paramount, and so we specialize in comprehensive part analysis. Whether it's for meticulous documentation, stringent quality control, or fault inspection, our team is dedicated to uncovering every detail.


Wholesale & Distribution Excellence


For years, we've been the driving force behind the wholesale and distribution of both OEM and aftermarket car parts. Our track record speaks volumes – from high-volume fulfillment to pioneering marketing and sales strategies for OEM suppliers and car manufacturers, we're the industry's compass.


Charting New Territories


In collaboration with factories and corporations, we've etched a path of leadership and innovation. We don't just analyze parts; we decode complexities, elevate standards, and redefine possibilities.