What ist H!PED?

H!PEd does not simply increase the power of your engine. We carefully optimize the complete power setup and boost performance. From the roaring high-performance engine of a Nissan GT-R to filigree prima donnas like a Huracan V10.

Wer sind wir?

Many years of experience in optimizing high-performance vehicles for track days or drag races have made us one of the most advanced specialists for high-performance engine development in Europe. Our team develops and produces in-house and finds solutions for every kind of customer request.

Our references

From the northernmost part of Europe to the Mediterranean, customers rely on the expertise of H!PeD products and solutions. We are always looking for new ideas and powerful solutions. To get an overview of our work, please contact us. 

Engines with more power

Under the label H!PED we manufacture engines with more power. For this purpose, we have developed different stages which we achieve through the targeted use of high-performance components.

STAGE 1 Hiped BE 850 HP

STAGE 2 Hiped BE 1050 HP

STAGE 3 Hiped BE 1400 HP

We are currently revising all STAGEs. If you are interested, just contact us.